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The Cargo Services company built itself on a reputation on being able to handle international logistics from Asia to the many ports across the world. Over 30 years later the Cargo Services family is well known across the world for its logistics capability whether that be by sea, land or air. CS Logistic Solutions is a proud member of the family and is ready to support you in whatever your logistics needs are. This ranges from freight management, distribution / warehousing and scan packing. We work with you to leverage off our knowledge and process to build a world class logistics approach for your needs.

Distribution Centre Management

We Tailor Our Processes to Support Your Business Needs

Most Distribution Centres can manage your day to day distribution needs such as storage, picking, packing, dispatch, cross dock and scan-pack. Where CSLS differentiate is how we do it and the value add we are able to supply to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.

If you want us to manage your online fulfilment, we will be there to help with our value-add solution. If needed we will wrap your products in tissue paper, fold the tissue paper as directed, place in the box, add in a card, close the box and tie it up with a ribbon and bow, or pack it straight into a postal satchel dependent on your needs. CSLS believe in making a smooth process for all.

We know your needs can change, so can we. If you have different requirements at different times of the year, we will work with you to meet those requirements. If your products require kitting, rework, ticketing, we are set-up to support these functions.

We pride ourselves in being able to configure our standard processes to meet your needs.

Fashion Logistics

Supply Chain Fashion Specialists

Your buyers, designers, planners, and logistics teams put their heart and soul into every season to get it just right – and so do we. We know that a retailer is only as successful as their current season and launch, so we will be with you right from the start to help you have the best season possible.

We service many fashion retailers from high end designer labels, to department stores, to discount department stores. Each segment has a different requirement and we will be able to provide you the support your brands need.

In addition to our supply chain and tracking solutions, we have many value-add
solutions we can provide:

  • Fully automated receiving, sorting, inventory management and store-allocated distribution systems value-added services, including sales-pack assembly, barcode scanning, ticketing, labelling, re-packaging, washing instructions
  • Pick-and-Pack and store distribution services
  • Garment re-processing; ironing, steaming
  • Garment-on-Hanger (GOH) solutions, including containerised GOH Bar Systems, GOH String Systems (both can be combined with mixed load and flat pack cargoes)
  • We also offer Cargo Services’ ‘patent pending’ GOH trolleys for loading into General Purpose (GP) containers – these are portable (on wheels) and collapsible for re-export to origin to be used again

We are here to help make this season / launch be the best it can be.

Outbound Transport B2B

The Last Mile

The last mile is where margins are made or lost and where stock arrives on time or not. We specialise in this.

We work with you to understand your transport needs, we know that many stores are in Malls and Centres and these all have rules. CSLS can work with those rules and the needs of your stores to get the stock there when needed and within curfew. It’s all in the planning.

As a business we understand that this is one of the areas we need to really control. Not only do we have preferred carriers, we are now setting up our own fleet so that we can ensure we get the products to the stores when needed. We have also invested in a track and trace solution so that we know the transport we manage, when the stock will be delivered and confirmation that it was delivered. Our aim is to remove the stress out of the “last mile”.

Outbound Transport B2C

Delivering to YOUR Customer

We are experts in B2C and we can manage your whole B2C experience. We have depth of knowledge in scan packing and B2C in the retail and fashion area.

We understand we are not just sending an order, we are sending an expectation, a surprise, a gift, hopefully something that will delight people when they open the package.

Your customer will not be delighted if their order / gift doesn’t arrive on time. We work very closely with the retailer to agree delivery timetables that can be met and then at the same time work with companies like Australia Post to have agreements in place to ensure your product arrives there on time. We are fully integrated with all major transport companies and partner with IFS (SMART FREIGHT) as they help us track the goods so that we know when they have left our hands and then in the hands of Australia Post.

China Cross-border eFulfilment

We Help You Navigate the China Supply Chain

China can be a great place to get your product developed and produced, it can also be a complicated one. It’s not as simple as working with a Western Country as there are many different rules across the various regions, multiple languages and large distances to transport goods. That’s where we come in. We help you navigate through these potential challenges to get the best outcome for your business.

Our parent is one of the largest logistic and supply chain companies in China – Cargo Services Far East. We have offices in every key region and eFulfillment centres in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Tianjin.

We have very good links with China Customs and have technology that helps us manage your distribution needs whether it be B2B or B2C, and then manage the transport to the port and then across the seas.

When people think of logistics / supply chain in China they think of Cargo Services.

Global Cruise Logistics

Ever Been Stuck on A Desert Island?

Cruises are a growing phenomenon around the world. People love to go on holiday and forget about everything and be pampered. What happens if the propeller breaks or the engine has trouble, that’s where we come in.

We work with the key shipping lines and ports so that we can have equipment there when needed; whether it be spare parts or a disaster, we are there to help.

We offer:

  • A network, comprising Miami, Los Angeles, Genoa, Rotterdam, Southampton, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin
  • A proprietary Bonded Cruise Logistics Centre in Baoshan, Shanghai (proximity to Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal) with an area of 3,000 sq.metres, which can be scalable to 20,000 sq.metres
  • Experienced teams in CIQ and Import and Re-export Customs formalities in China
  • Started planning for upstream supply chain from sourcing of Cruise consumables, fixtures and fittings and foodstuffs, including meat and other perishable products

We have your cruising needs covered.

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