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Supply Chain Management

CSLS prides itself on how we can help manage and make your end to end supply chain more effective, whether that is via our logistics infrastructure or digital end to end management, the sky is the limit. We will work with you to provide a service that surprises your customers.

Origin and Destination Value Added Services

Quality at a Lower Cost

The world continues to become a much smaller place and transport lead-times are reduced accordingly. It is now feasible to do work that was once done in your DC upstream as a value add at much more competitive rates, whilst still providing the value adds that you need to do to differentiate your product.

By performing these activities upstream, it helps manage cost, the savings you can either keep as profit or you can reinvest into your value add to ensure you always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

We have heavily invested in key areas across the world so that you can leverage off our investment and supply the products the way you need to in a cost-effective manner.

Some of the options we provide are:

Innovative design and execution of sophisticated origin logistics programs to effect cross-dock or direct-to-store, on carton or piece picks on single PO or multiple PO basis, subject to guaranteed accuracy of Pick-and-Pack.

ScanPack centres in Singapore, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen and Hong Kong.

Palletisation and slipsheeting of PDQ (Pick-and-Pack) programs, using cardboard pallets or pallet boxes.

Kitting and co-packing of multiple items of merchandise from multiple vendors for assembly into sales-packs.

Buyers consolidation programs.

Technology-enabled supply chain®

We Manage and Track the Physical using the “Digital “

Gone are the days when shipping merchandise on time in good condition is enough. The retail business is cutthroat and retailers need to make decisions at the last minute, which is why we offer a digital supply chain.

We have combined our physical supply chain with technology so that we can provide tools that allow the customer to make decisions closer to when the stock is at destination. This allows the stock to arrive at the right site, in the right quantity at the right time.

We provide many tools to help manage the information and the processes. Liberty helps you to source, and LIMA tracks the purchase order, which provides the digital view of the supply chain and tools like eCWMS (Scanpack) and enables us to scan pack your products and ship to “your customers”, in the shortest possible time, in a cost-effective manner.


The Platform to Help Sell and Manage Your Product

We have extensive experience to help take the trouble out of managing ECommerce. You may need help in sourcing, gaining introductions to contacts, creating websites or moving your stock through the supply chain and this is where CSLS are there to help.

In addition to the basic tools that many providers have, we have the skills to manage your supply chain from sourcing, warehousing, distribution, building and supporting your website, photography based on final packaging. CSLS can help you decide should you wish to ship your customers order from source or from the country of the customer. The choice is yours – we simply supply the options.


Seamless Tracking from Origin to Destination at Your Fingertips

We have built a proprietary tracking and supply chain management tool called “LIMA”. LIMA links to all the different points of data to bring it into one simple view for you to manage your merchandise. LIMA will provide you with a dashboard, so you can see how the business is tracking. This allows you to drill down and focus on the exceptions, whilst the majority of products are seamlessly tracked and supported by our physical and digitised supply chain to get the best outcome for your business.

Each order is on a “Track Plan” and you can see through simple traffic lights if the order is on time or running behind schedule. The system can send out tasks and alerts to ensure activities are done on time and if not, escalations are made.

Not only will it track your products, it will also help you make decisions closer to arrival at destination. Why determine what stock goes to which customer or destination port 8 weeks out? Through LIMA we can help you make that decision much closer to ETA at destination, and our teams on the ground will facilitate this – so that you can use the most up to date data to make the best decision for your company. Not only does this improve your customer satisfaction it also reduces waste throughout your supply chain.

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